Hi, I'm Charlotte!

Tout a commencé en 2015, lorsque j’ai rencontré Ugo au VW Bug Show à Spa Francorchamps… A l’époque il n’était qu’une photo sur une affichette de petites annonces… « van tout abîmé, résidant aux Etats-Unis » … Oh yeah ça vend du rêve… Mais, entre lui et moi, ça a été le coup de foudre !

Head in the body, hands in the grease, I fell in love with these emblematic models of the brand. And since my passion is events, it didn't take long to combine the two beautifully.

Et puis très vite, Ugo a eu une famille : Edgar, William, Martine et même Rodolphe. Ils font désormais tous partis de la famille des vans évènementiels !

Event passion

If I were to write a story about Ugo & Co, it would contain engines drowned in oil, unhooked shift levers, covers with holes ... But above all plenty little attentions and successful parties. And your event deserves that! They say that a successful business is a business with a soul, and my job is to humanize your events.

If you want me to introduce you to one of my four wheeled family members, we can do so while sipping a cappuccino with lots of foam!

Once upon a time Ugo & Co


Pekin Express

Ugo went from a “for sale” status on a poster, to that of a traveler: he left the United States to join our good old Europe and the country of the Gromperekichelcher. Since swimming is not his thing, import still took over 6 months.


Extreme makeover

Once recovered from his transatlantic journey, Ugo dealt with Cristina Cordula in blue overalls: we pampered him so that he regained his beautiful color, a new sealant, new sheets, a treatment against rust, a tarring of underbody… (yes if you need a bodybuilder consultant let us know)…


Not everything that glitters is gold

We thought that a facelift would be enough ... But it was a real second youth that had to be given to Ugo. And for good reason: the engine had drowned in oil and declared forfeit, the gear lever was almost a spare part, the far too thin American electric cables, were like cheese in a squeegee and the brakes were intermittent (not very funny in the descent of Clausen)…


The grand finale

The brand new exterior, the functional mechanics, all that remained was to do the decoration : total refurbishment of the interior furniture (which had caught humidity) with cutting of new wooden elements, sanding, painting, cutting, choice of fabrics and sewing of new seats, window dressing with curtains, roof, new floor…

Needless to say, with all of that Ugo made eye contact with the roadworthiness man.

2018 was a watershed year: thanks to the success of Ugo, the family has grown by welcoming Edgard and William.


First love

First projects, first journeys, first customers, first euphoria: Ugo, Edgard and William saw emotions pass by!

And it's not over.